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Law on Protection of Personal Data

Consent form for processing personal data

I, acting freely, of my own free will and in my interest, provide the operator of personal data of Vessen LLC (TIN 7720470130) the right to carry out all actions (operations) with my personal data in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation on personal data and the Policy regarding processing and protection the personal data of users of the website of Vessen LLC (an interactive link to the Policy posted on the website), including the collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, updating, use, depersonalization, destruction. Consent applies to all personal data that I provide to Vessen LLC when using the Vessen LLC website, including: last name, first name, middle name; phone number, email address, contact postal address; standard data automatically received by the server when accessing the website and my subsequent actions as a site user (host IP address, type of user’s operating system, site pages that I visit, user clicks); data about my user device (including resolution, other attributes characterizing the user device); information automatically obtained when accessing the website using bookmarks (cookies); session parameters; data on time of visit; any other information obtained as a result of my actions as a user of the website.

I also give my consent to the provision of my personal data as a user of the website to companies performing work on the creation (including improvements) of the website and providing technical support services for the website.

I confirm that all the personal data provided by me are reliable. I have read and understood the Policy regarding the processing and protection of personal data of users of the website of Vessen LLC.

This consent comes into force from the moment “V” is put in the field “I agree (agree) to the processing of personal data” and is valid for the periods established by the current legislation of the Russian Federation and the Policy.

I agree to the processing of personal data