Human Resources Policy

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Our Human Resources Policy

Our Most Valuable Source is Our Employees.

As VESSEN Foreign Trade Inc. our basic policy of human resources is to ensure the continuity of our success and to create a high satisfaction by placing personnel in accordance with the correct job descriptions.

Our company provides a business life in which our personnel can improve themselves and their motivation will always be high with a people-oriented management appproach.

With our objective and equal opportunity understanding, we offer our employees a fair and systematic human resources management by creating a career opportunity in the long term, regardless of religion, language, race and gender.

Right Positions, Right Staff…

Our Basic Principles of Human Resources;

- To provide personnel career management with a fair and objective performance evaluation system;

- To increase productivity work within the framework of ethical and moral value;

- To ensure the satisfaction of external customers by always improving the internal customer focus;

- To further our goals with a strong and dynamic team integrated with the corporate culture of the company

Recruitment Process

By preparing the required job descriptions of the vacant position, the process is initiated and interviews with candidates with appropriate competence are conducted. As a result of the interviews, candidates are evaluated and the most suitable candidate is placed in the position.

Basic criteria for candidate evaluation:

- Solution oriented;

- Openness to development and change;

- Communication skills;

- Predisposition to collaboration and teamwork;

- Self-confident.

Education and Development Management

Adopting Heraklito’s “The only thing that does not change is the change itself” principle, it is one of our main goals to improve our employees' knowledge and knowledge by adapting to changing business conditions.

Accordingly, we aim to increase potential efficiency by organizing personal and professional trainings for our employees.